16 May 2019
Ham and corn cheesy chowder

Ham & Cheesy Corn Chowder

Ham & Cheesy Corn Chowder Simple, quick, hearty and delicious! What more could you want on a chilly day? Ingredients: 30 ml oil 125g streaky bacon […]
9 May 2019
breakfast pot

Breakfast Pot

Breakfast Pot Use yesterdays braaied boerie or sausages for this one pot breakfast hit! Prep the potjie the night before and ease into Sunday with a […]
2 May 2019

Beef & Olive Potjie

Beef & Olive Potjie The rich, full flavour of the beef and olive pesto create a total taste sensation! The pot was emptied super quick which […]
22 November 2018
egg cheese bacon breakfast potato hash

Egg, Cheese and Bacon Breakfast Potato Hash

Egg, Cheese and Bacon Breakfast Potato Hash Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. Warning – may cause arguments over who gets the biggest crunchy bits off […]
15 November 2018

Potjie Pot Lasagne

Potjie Pot Lasagne Adapting the classic lasagne recipe to use a cottage cheese mix instead of a bechamel sauce makes it an easy meal to cook […]
7 September 2018
Orange Infused Pork Belly with Hoisin and Orange Glaze

Orange Infused Pork Belly with Hoison and Orange Glaze

Orange Infused Pork Belly with Hoisin and Orange Glaze Stop whatever you are doing and bookmark this recipe because OH MY GOODNESS, it is divine!   […]
31 August 2018
beer bacon cheese potjie bread

Beer, Bacon & Cheese Potjie Bread

Beer, Bacon & Cheese Potjie Bread Impress your family & friends with this super easy and mouthwatering crowd pleaser.    Ingredients: 4  1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1/4 […]
5 August 2018
lamb and guinness potjie

Lamb & Guinness Potjie

Lamb & Guinness Potjie This Irish inspired Lamb & Guinness Potjie packs fantastic flavour combinations.    Ingredients: (serves 6 -8) 30 ml olive oil 1 tsp […]
24 November 2017

Creamy Chicken & Pasta Potjie Recipe

Indulgent and delicious layers of chicken, veg and pasta smothered in a rich creamy sauce. Creamy Chicken & Pasta Potjie Recipe Ingredients for your Creamy Chicken […]
15 November 2017

Lentil Potjie Recipe – So good you won’t miss the meat!

Hearty, tasty, simple and packed full of wholesome goodness. Lentil Potjie Recipe If you are looking for a meat-free meal that still satisfies then this is for […]
6 October 2017

Beef Shin Potjie Recipe

 Fire up your PotjieKing™ and get cooking! Beef Shin Potjie Recipe Treat your tastebuds PotjieKing™ fans! Enjoy a lazy Sunday with this delicious Beef Shin Potjie Recipe.   Ingredients […]
15 September 2017

Griddle Cookie Recipe

Griddle Cookie Recipe Here’s a little something to satisfy the sweet tooth. This makes quite a large batch of Griddle cookies. Reduce the recipe by half […]
8 September 2017

Port & Mutton Potjie Recipe

Port & Mutton Potjie Recipe Light up the PotjieKing™ and relax. It’s the Weekend!    Port & Mutton Potjie Recipe. Ingredients for your Potjie Recipe: 100g Butter 30ml […]
1 September 2017
Boerewors recipe

Boerewors Recipe

Welcome the weekend with your own home made Boerie! Once you’ve made your own you’ll never want store bought again. Be THE BOSS of the Braai […]
25 August 2017
Venison potjie recipe

Venison Potjie Recipe

Quick to prepare with a long lazy cooking time.  Venison packs a nutritional punch and this recipe leaves you plenty of time to Kuier! Tempt your […]