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PotjieKing™ – Portable Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Solution

The versatile & efficient PotjieKing serves you every meal, where ever you need it, whenever you need it.
Burns any solid fuel type you have available.
Giving you the freedom to be wherever you want to be.

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PotjieKing™ potjie cooker

The ULTIMATE portable outdoor cooking solution.

Are YOU ready to rock your outdoor cooking world?

Versatility, fuel efficiency, and fire safety are key elements of the PotjieKing™ stainless steel braai.

 Compact & fuel-efficient.  1 layer of briquettes will last you up to 4 hours.

Don’t have briquettes? No problem!  PotjieKing will burn ANY solid fuel type available.


The PotjieKing™ comes standard with a stainless steel braai grid. In addition to potjies and braaing, you can roast the most tender chicken using the KingDome stainless steel dome lid, griddle steaks to perfection, use camping pots, pans, kettles etc.  Take the grid off and use a wok on your PotjieKing for Chinese style stir fry heaven or paella perfection.  Throw some wood in to toast those “must-have-more marshmallows” or just keep warm on a chilly night under the stars.


PotjieKing™ – Feeding adventure since 2008

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  • Hannes Van Vuuren
    Always have my PotjieKing packed in my Landie, LOVE it! Awesome! Bought mine in 2012! ***** 5 Stars  - Hannes van Vuuren
    Hannes Van Vuuren
  • Mike, KZN
    I've had my unit from 2013. This is one of the best investments made. 5 Years on it's still in perfect condition. Best about it is:
    1. Slow cooking control with the vents
    2. Able to add coals while you cook
    3. Optimised coal usage and starting fire
    4. Clean up
    5. Portability and sturdy construction
    Thanks for a great South African product! Mike, KZN
    Mike, KZN
  • Lida van Coller
    We have had our PotjieKing for about 4 years now, and LOVE it so much that I am taking one to my niece in the USA for a wedding present!
    Lida van Coller
  • Harry Erasmus
    Best multi-purpose braai ever! Potjie, braai, grill, hot plate & open fire. Build quality of highest standard and all stainless. Great service as well. Easy to order, professional and delivery quick. Highly recommended. ***** 5 Stars
    Harry Erasmus
  • Chris Oosthuizen
    The most versatile braai on the globe. We don't use anything else.  ***** 5 stars
    Chris Oosthuizen
  •  Gemma Stone
    Still going strong after 8 years! We use it everywhere - home, beach, camping trips. Best portable braai ever. Wouldn't use anything else.***** 5 stars
    Gemma Stone
  • Robyn Purdon
    The best outdoor cooking equipment we have ever bought. Uses little charcoal and our PotjieKing is the first thing we pack when going away. Excellent design and extremely versatile and easy to control the heat one requires.  ***** 5 stars
    Robyn Purdon
  • Colleen Brand
    PotjieKing .... one of the BEST investments we have ever made. Will make a great father's day gift too. 7 Braai brickets is all that it takes for an awesome braai and you can take it with you whilst on the move. Thank you PotjieKing for a great product. ***** 5 Stars.
    Colleen Brand
  • Gillian Robertson
    Would never be without ours. It doubles as a foot warmer in winter after the potjie is ready. Pop it under the patio table and it's perfect!  ***** 5 stars
    Gillian Robertson
  • Anuska Viljoen
    Because I don't eat meat only fish and veg I find it invaluable to take along to Braai's so my food can stay Meat free. This is just an added bonus. All round versatility and endurance of the product. Light weight and easy. Goes everywhere. Fabulous for wok paella too. Love it. Thanks Ben and Lisa  ***** 5 stars
    Anuska Viljoen
  • Shelley Holmes
    I love it because its easy, quick and can cook just about anything. Braai, roast, breads and just move it to your favourite spot and off you go. ***** 5 stars
    Shelley Holmes
  • Pat Hartman
    It's a great investment and my husband likes to advertise it to friends and family he so loves it.   ***** 5 Stars
    Pat Hartman
  • Neil Von Hagen   
    Impressed with the one I purchased at the Shongweni Farmers Market. Used for the past two evenings in the Berg, a braai and now a potjie. Hardly uses any briquettes. ***** 5 Stars  - Neil Von Hagen
    Neil Von Hagen  
  • Per Kollwitz
    The PotjieKing Braais I ordered arrived today in Durban, I'm impressed!! Thanks for your awesome customer support Lisa! We are on holiday for 2 weeks in South Africa. I'm sure the PotjieKings will have a good 'life' back in Germany 🇩🇪.
    Per Kollwitz
The Ultimate outdoor cooking solution

PotjieKing™ Portable Stainless Steel Braai

Delivering every time on our guarantee
to be the King of outdoor cooking

PotjieKing™ Founders
Ben Snow & Lisa Snow

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