Stainless Steel Coal Grid
Stainless Steel Coal Grid
5 July 2017
Tiara Stainless Steel Cleaner
21 November 2017

Stainless Steel Braai Grid


The PotjieKing™ Stainless Steel Braai Grid

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Stainless Steel Braai Grid

The stainless steel Braai grid is available for customers to purchase for using with their PotjieKing™.

Quality and easy to clean

Made from quality stainless steel to ensure long lasting use.

The 304 stainless steel braai grid is also dishwasher friendly for ease of cleaning.


Versatile and not just for potjies

Customers use the braai grid when they want to have a good old “tjop and wors braai” on the go where ever they find themselves.

Use your braai grid as a cooking platform, in addition to potjie and braaing.

Place camping pots, pans, and kettles on the braai grid, you portable mini stove.

Take the grid off and place a wok on your PotjieKing™ now you can have stir fry heaven and paella perfection.



Braai Grid Technical Specifications

Braai Grid tech specs go here