Leg clips (R Clips)
Leg clips (R Clips)
30 June 2017
Stainless Steel Braai Grid
Stainless Steel Braai Grid
4 July 2017

Stainless Steel Coal Grid


The PotjieKing™ Stainless Steel Coal Grid

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Stainless Steel Coal Grid

The stainless steel coal grid comes standard with each PotjieKing.

Spares are available for customers to purchase if required.

Made from stainless steel to ensure long lasting use.


The fuel rests on the stainless steel coal grid.

PotjieKing™ is very fuel efficient.

Generally, just one layer of coal briquettes on the coal grid can last up to 4 hours.

Customers have found the PotjieKing™ most fuel efficient with both doors closed.

The slots and crown design allow for enough airflow to keep your fire ticking over nice and low.


Care and replacement

Also, the coal grid, Braai grid, hand tool and R-clips are all replaceable and available from us.

With proper care of your PotjieKing™ coal grid should last a very long time.

Most of all, don’t leave it outside in the rain, clean it of ash after use and pack it away.

Coal Grid Technical Specifications

Made from stainless steel to ensure long lasting use, furthermore it has been made to fit perfectly.