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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there a Warranty on the PotjieKing?
Yes, there sure is! Each PotjieKing comes with its own 5-year warranty. Please be sure to register your PotjieKing with us on purchase for your warranty.
2How do I order?
Simply click the BUY NOW or SHOP ONLINE buttons anywhere on the site! Your order will be picked and packed the same day AND delivered to YOUR DOOR for FREE (Free delivery for orders over R1300.)
3How safe is it to purchase online?
SERIOUSLY SECURE ORDERING. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and other secure encryption methods to protect the security of your information. We have a verified Payfast account to Securely Process your payments. Giving you multiple options for safe and easy payment. Register your details with PayFast at to secure yourself online. PayFast is a trusted South African payments processing gateway. They enable easy, secure and instant transfer of money between you the buyer and us the seller. Register your details at WWW.PAYFAST.CO.ZA to secure your details online.
4How long will delivery take?
Our delivery/fulfilment processes ensure that your orders are picked and packed the same day. This means that once your order is paid for, it is picked and packed the same day and dispatched with the courier within 1 working day. Deliveries are shipped with The Courier Guy and it will take approximately 3-7 working days to receive your order. As soon as your order has been shipped you will receive your tracking number so you will know where your order is at all times. Where ever you are we will deliver to you!
5Where can I use it?
Anywhere! PotjieKing™ is the ULTIMATE outdoor cooking solution. It can be used at home, for camping, caravaning, out with your 4x4 or a day down at the beach. You are limited only by where you can get to! Remember to send us a picture of you and your PotjieKing™ when you go anywhere amazing. Important: Please remember to consult the specific guidelines and rules for fires / braais anywhere you are going before using the PotjieKing™
6What size potjie pot can I use on the PotjieKing™?
PotjieKing™ works with a size 2 up to a size 6 Best Duty 3 legged pot, though it is ideally suited for the most popular size 3, it can also be used with most flat bottom pots. If you have a small flat bottom pot you can use them on the braai grid and if it is a bigger one sit it directly on top of the PotjieKing™ Remember you can use all sorts of cooking utensils on the PotjieKing™ not just potjie pots. If it fits, use it!
7What grades of Stainless Steel is the PotjieKing™ made from?
PotjieKing™ is constructed of 1.2mm thick 430 and 304 grade stainless steel, even the braai grid and the coal grid are stainless steel to offer you an all round hard wearing, durable product. The braai grid is also dishwasher friendly for ease of cleaning.
8What are those stainless steel loops on the side?
To make life easier PotjieKing™ comes with a lid clip on the side, keeping the potjie lid off the ground. Also included is a hand tool for opening and closing the doors and for lifting your potjie lid on and off the lid clip. Use the hand tool to lift the potjie pot lid off and secure it in the slot between the loops.
9How do I set up my PotjieKing?
1) Remove PotjieKing™ from the carry bag and set the legs in the downwards position. 2) Remove the braai grid, hand tool and coal grid (using your hand tool) and place tinfoil or tinfoil pie dish in the lower compartment to collect the fat & ash from cooking (Optional if required). 3) Replace coal grid and pack with one layer of briquettes, either flat packed or on their sides dependent on heat or cooking time required. 4) Ensure that legs are folded down and secured properly, unless using on a built-in Braai. 5) Place 2-3 small pieces of fire lighters in the bottom door and light the fire lighters. Push them into position beneath the coals using the PotjieKing™ hand tool. 6) Close the top door completely and open the bottom door, as much as necessary, to draw air through to move the flames around to light the coals. 7) Once the fire lighters have burnt out and the briquettes are properly alight, close bottom door and place potjie pot / braai grid / cooking utensils on the PotjieKing™ and cook as usual. NOTES: To increase temperature open bottom door as much as necessary, with top door closed. For maximum fuel efficiency keep both doors closed as much as possible. When removing potjie pot lid use tool provided and slot lid securely into the lid clip on the right hand side of the PotjieKing™. Do not use the hand tool for lifting the potjie pot.
10What else can I do with just the basic PotjieKing™ and no additional accessories?
Multi functionality is key to our design so excluding any accessories the PotjieKing™ is versatile and ready to rock your outdoor cooking world. The PotjieKing comes standard with a stainless steel braai grid. You can use your braai grid as a cooking platform, in addition to potjie and braaing, you can place camping pots, pans and kettles on the braai grid. Take the grid off and place a wok on your PotjieKing™ and you have stir fry heaven and paella perfection. You can also just throw some wood into your PotjieKing™ and have a fire to toast those must-have-more marshmallows or just keep warm on a chilly night under the stars.
11How do I use it on my Built-in Braai?
PotjieKing™ may be used with legs folded up for comfortable cooking height when used on a built-in Braai. When the legs are folded up ensure they are secured with the R-Clip going through the top 2 holes. Only use the PotjieKing™in this position when used on a built-in Braai. Any other time fold the legs down to raise the PotjieKing™ off of the ground.
12No fussing with fat. PotjieKing™ Braai tip...
When braaing or cooking anything that drops fat, place a layer of tin foil with the edges turned up slightly or a foil pie dish in the bottom of the PotjieKing™ (not on the coal grid but on the solid base in the bottom) and continue as usual. Any fat that drips into the PotjieKing™ will be collected on the tin foil. Once the PotjieKing™ has cooled down after use, take out the coal grid, tip ash out and throw the tinfoil away.
13Safety guidelines
Use PotjieKing™ tool to open/close doors when lit. The PotjieKing™ hand tool may be used to lift potjie pot lid (not the pot). PotjieKing™ will become very hot when in use. Do not touch it. Do not empty PotjieKing™ of ash until completely cold. Ensure legs are clipped securely in either raised or lowered position before use. PotjieKing™ is not intended for indoor use. Coal grid may be sharp. Handle with care.
14How long will it last?
To tell you the truth, we don’t know yet! Our first original PotjieKing™ is still going strong 14 years. Braai grids, coal grids, hand tools and R-clips are all replaceable and available from us. Like all things in life, if you take care of your PotjieKing™ it will last a very long time. Don’t leave it outside in the rain, clean it of ash after use and pack it away.
15Legs up or down?
PotjieKing™ should be used with the legs in the downward position. This keeps it off the ground and prevents any heat damage being caused to the surface beneath the PotjieKing™. Ensure that legs are secured with the R-Clip going through the bottom 2 holes.
16How many briquettes or coals do I use?
PotjieKing™ is very fuel efficient. Generally just one layer of briquettes can last up to 4 hours. This does depend on the dish being prepared and your cooking style of course. PotjieKing™ is most fuel efficient with both doors closed. The slots and crown design allow for enough airflow to keep your fire ticking over nice and low.
17How do I clean it to pack away?
To clean the PotjieKing™ wait until it has cooled. Use the PotjieKing™hand tool to take out the coal grid. Tip out the ash and remove the folded tinfoil with any fat that may have fallen. If you would like to clean off any heat discoloration you will then use a stainless steel cleaner and follow the product instructions.
18How do I control the heat on the PotjieKing™?
The double door design offers heat control whilst cooking. Opening the bottom door increases the airflow over the coals, raising the temperature. PotjieKing™ is most fuel efficient with both doors closed. The slots and crown design allow for enough airflow to keep your fire ticking over nice and low. Having no wind interference means no more hassle of adding and removing coals trying to maintain a your cooking temperature.
19Why has the PotjieKing™ changed colour?
After the PotjieKing™ has been used it will discolour, this is a natural reaction to the heat. The discolouration in no way affects the functioning of the PotjieKing™. The PotjieKing™ can be cleaned and any discolouration removed by rubbing with either scotch pad or stainless steel scourers and a stainless steel cleaner. Follow the instructions on the cleaner and be aware of the grain of the finish on the Stainless steel. Rub in a horizontal motion to keep your finish. Avoid circular or vertical movements.
20Is the PotjieKing™ fire safe?
As the PotjieKing™ is a closed unit, off the ground, the fire and ash is contained. Minimal heat is transferred to the ground making it safe to use everywhere! Please note that after lighting the fire lighters, there will be increased heat from the bottom until they have burnt out. We suggest lighting it on a heat resistance surface (eg: bricks, sand, tiles....) while the fire lighters burn out.
21What are the dimensions?
The PotjieKing™ is compact and lightweight with fold away legs for easy storage and transport. Boxed dimensions are: +-4kg, H:27cm, W:32cm L:32cm. Folded out, set up dimensions are: H:38cm, Leg foot print diameter :38cm, Cooking grid size: D:26cm

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