egg cheese bacon breakfast potato hash
Egg, Cheese and Bacon Breakfast Potato Hash
22 November 2018
KingDome Chicken – It doesn’t get easier or tastier than this!
6 December 2018

Quesadillas – Summer eating PotjieKing style

 Fresh, delicious, quick and easy. Chop up and chuck on whatever tickles your fancy!



Soft tortillas
grated cheese
sliced spring onions
thinly sliced mushrooms (cooked or uncooked)
diced black olives
sliced peppers (red and yellow)
1 tsp oil


Quesadillas – Method

Pack 12  briquettes onto the coal grid inside your PotjieKing. Put a couple of firelighters in the bottom section and get that going. When your ingredients are ready place your double sided griddle/skottle plate on to your PotjieKing – skottle side up.

  • Slice and grate your ingredients.
  • Oil your skottle plate and place a tortilla on.
  • When you start to see air bubbles form flip it over.
  • Then sprinkle cheese and toppings over the tortilla.
  • Once cheese starts to melt fold the tortilla in half.
  • Flip it over every 15 seconds or so. Repeat for a few times.
  • Remove from the skottle plate and repeat.

Serve with salad, sour cream and guacamole.


You can literally put anything you fancy in. If you have some leftover chicken then ‘Voila!’ chicken quesadillas!