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20 October 2017
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3 November 2017

A great home burger will always beat fast food.

Delicious on its own or dress it up with bacon and fig for something extra special.


Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers Recipe


Ingredients for your Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers Recipe:
Makes 4 burger patties

600g Mince
1 Tbsp & 1 Tsp Worcestershire Sauce
Coarse Salt & Pepper to taste
80g Blue Cheese (or cheese of your choice)
Oil for griddle plate


Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger Recipe – Method

  • Mix the mince, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper in a bowl
  • Divide the mince mixture into 4 equal parts
  • Shape into burger patties
  • Make a ‘well’ in the center of each burger patty
  • Divide the cheese into 4 rectangular pieces and insert into the small well
  • Pinch the burger patty closed over the cheese ensuring to seal it well otherwise the cheese will run out when melted
  • Reshape the burger patty and again make sure that the cheese is sealed inside

Pack a layer briquettes onto the coal grid inside your PotjieKing™ and place a couple firelighters in the bottom section and get that going. Once the briquettes have turned grey / whitish, place the double-sided griddle plate on the PotjieKing, griddle side up, to heat up. Once the griddle plate is hot use a paper towel to rub oil onto the griddle plate ensuring that it is well covered. Place your burger on the griddle with the side you have sealed facing down to cook first. It is best to seal the side most likely to leak first (I learnt this the hard way…). Let the patties cook for 4 to 6 minutes before attempting to turn them. Turn them over and cook the other side for another 4 – 6 minutes.  If your patties are very thick or you prefer them well done then let them cook a few minutes longer.


”The man who invented the burger was smart… the man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius!

– Mathew McConaughey