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27 October 2017
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Ginger, lemongrass & beer blade steak marinade

Cheaper cuts of meat can help cut the cost on a tight budget.

Keep it tender and tasty with this flavour infused marinade.


Ginger, Lemongrass & Beer Blade Steak Recipe


Ingredients for your Marinade Recipe:


1 bottle light lager beer of your choice
2 tsp lemon zest
4 tsp olive oil
2 x 5 cm fresh lemongrass
1 x 3 cm piece of fresh ginger (finely sliced)
1 tsp toasted coriander seeds
5 sprigs thyme
1 tsp salt
800g – 1 kg blade steak
30g butter


Ginger, Lemongrass & Beer Blade Steak Recipe – Method

  • Bruise the lemongrass with a spoon or back of a knife. This will release the flavours.
  • add the ingredients, excluding the steak and butter, in a zip lock bag and swish around until the salt is dissolved. If you don’t have a ziplock bag then a sealable tub/dish will do. Just make sure to turn the steaks occasionally to ensure they are well marinaded on both sides
  • Place steaks in the ziplock bag or container and leave to marinate overnight.

Pack a layer of briquettes onto the coal grid inside your PotjieKing™ and place a couple firelighters in the bottom section and get that going. Once the briquettes have turned grey / whitish, place the braai grid on to the PotjieKing to heat up. Braai your steaks until they are done how you like them. For a bit of extra flavour I like to brush my steaks with a bit of butter for the last few minutes of braai time, alternatively, you can place a knob of butter on each steak while it rests before serving.


”Reality may not be the best of all possible worlds, but it’s still the only place where you can get a decent steak.

– Woody Allen