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6 October 2017
Potjie Beer Bread – Seriously simple baking with PotjieKing
20 October 2017

The mix of sweet and savory flavours is simply divine!

This is a real crowd pleaser, expect clean plates all round.


Sensational Pork Sosaties Recipe


Ingredients for your Sensational Pork Sosaties Recipe:

2 Tbsp Fresh Rosemary
4 x 2.4 cm strips of Orange Peel
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
3 Tbsp Honey
6 Tbsp Fresh Orange Juice
2 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice
2 Cloves Crushed Garlic
4 Bay Leaves
500g Cubed Pork
1 Red Pepper
1 Yellow Pepper


Sensational Pork Sosaties Recipe – Method

  • Mix all the ingredients, excluding the peppers, for the marinade in a sealable container
  • Add the Pork and let it marinade overnight
  • If using wooden sosatie sticks make sure to soak them in water for half an hour
  • Cut the peppers into 2cm chunks
  • Skewer the pork and peppers onto the sticks, alternating between the pork, red and yellow peppers

Pack a layer of briquettes onto the coal grid inside your PotjieKing™ and place a couple firelighters in the bottom section and get that going. Once the briquettes have turned grey / whitish, place your sosaties on the braai grid and braai them until cooked through.


”The Braai. Discovered by cavemen and perfected by South Africans!”

– Anonymous