Perfect Oxtail Potjie Recipe
Perfect Oxtail Potjie Recipe
27 June 2017
PotjieKing™ - KnysnaFires

PotjieKing on the edge of the KnysnaFires

PotjieKing™ is based on a farm at the edge of the Ruigtevlei Plantation in Knysna district. The KnysnaFires have been around our home and community from day one.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our most IMMENSE GRATITUDE to ALL THOSE FIGHTING FOR OUR GARDEN ROUTE..

Since the early hours of Wednesday morning, the residents and farmers have been fighting to save their homes and farms.
The Fire departments and volunteers have stood between our farm and the fire.
The Army have been water-bombing this beast. Local communities have been working ceaselessly and tirelessly to support the affected people.
South Africa has rallied to support our beloved Garden Route.


The helicopters are flying. Fire crews are responding to flare ups continuously.
Local volunteers are still doing fire watch over the various areas and in our town, Sedgefield, the community is a hive of activity as I imagine every town along the route is.

We have witnessed first hand the incredible courage, the unbreakable spirit and beautiful coming together of all people no matter what race, colour or creed.
Our prayers go out for all those who have lost absolutely everything. We encourage everyone to give in what ever way they can to assist the disaster relief efforts.
Please donate via the routes already established.
It will be a long time to rebuild what was lost, but be sure that what comes will be more beautiful and stronger.

Apologies for the unanswered emails, calls and queries via Facebook. We evacuated our Farm on Wednesday and have returned yesterday afternoon. We are attending to the backlog. If I do miss your email and you don’t hear from me please contact us here. We are currently arranging to have all stock removed from the farm and placed in a warehouse far away…. Just in case!

Thank you for your patience,
Ben & Lisa Snow


PotjieKing™ - #KnysnaFires